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What is a Heating Element?

发表时间:2018-08-31 17:00

Heating Elements

Heating elements are devices which convert electrical energy into heat. They are used in many heating applications, in both industrial and domestic applications. Heating elements can be found in radiators, boilers, underfloor heating, immersion heaters and drum heaters. They are also used for industrial heating, drying and cooling. Heating elements are made using a conductive material, such as a ceramic, metal or thick film heater elements.

Types of Heating Element:

  • Cartridge Heaters - tube-shaped heaters designed to fit perfectly into a hole in metal, for example. They can withstand high temperatures and are corrosion resistant.

  • Air Heaters - rod-shaped heater which heats air for drying, heat-sealing and laminating.

  • Drum Heater/Band Heater - used for heating cylindrical parts in industrial applications. They can heat anything from plastics to gels and food products to prevent them from solidifying in the drum.

  • Mica Strip Heater - primarily used in industrial heating solutions, these mica-insulated heaters are popular for hot plates and sealing.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Ceramic heating elements convert electricity into heat through the process of resistive or joule heating. Ceramic elements boast a high energy efficiency by converting around 96% of the input power to heat to extremely high proportions.

MoSi2 & SiC Heating Elements
Our factory mainly specializes in manufacturing different types and sizes of MoSi2 and Sic heating elements, which can be customerized as per specific requirements.
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