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Extend MoSi2 Heating Elements Life

发表时间:2018-08-31 16:59

MoSi2 heating elements are different from SiC heating elements. You can replace them separately. Knowing how to extend MoSi2 heating elements life will lower your costs.

How to extend MoSi2 heating elements life

MoSi2 heating element is only suitable for use in air or inert gas environments. Other active gas, such as H2, Cl2, and SO2, will damage the heating element.

Please don’t use the furnace at 400 – 700℃ temperature range for a long time because the MoSi2 heating element will be easy to be oxidized in the temperature range.

MoSi2 heating element is very brittle.

MoSi2 & SiC Heating Elements
Our factory mainly specializes in manufacturing different types and sizes of MoSi2 and Sic heating elements, which can be customerized as per specific requirements.
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